How fashion brands gain Value with Solid Content Strategy

by Luciano Radicce. PH Cred: Rove Swimwear


The problem


Would you read a book based on one character and one story line if every chapter is disjointed, doesn’t create a flow, and has its own separate plotline? Most people won’t because it would be difficult to understand the overall plot and theme if the chapters are disconnected and random. The same principle applies to fashion marketing storytelling as well.


When you publish content, you tell a story about your fashion company, collections, products, knowledge, and showcase your personality. These aspects draw your audience in and compel them to read other pieces of content.


If they’re attracted to one article and find it informative, they’ll seek out content in similar fields with similar insight on your website.  But If you don’t have a solid and consistent content strategy, you won’t be able to maintain a steady story and theme in all of your content and will eventually alienate your customers.


The  solution

Whats a content strategy?


A content strategy is a roadmap that allows you to maintain consistency in the content you present with your fashion brand and have an overarching theme to all your posts. Your target audience will know what to expect and will visit your website regularly to get the information they need. A content marketing strategy ensures your content is predictable in a good way. Your target audience will consider your blog a reliable source of information that they seek. It will deliver a consistent message to your audience, maintain your brand, and showcase your authority in your field. Without a solid content strategy, your message will be scattered and disorganized.


Planning a content strategy isn’t difficult and doesn’t require a lot of investment. In fact, a good strategy will help ensure your marketing expenses remain within your budget and still get good returns, which is very important for fashion startups. Here’s what you can do:


-Know What’s Involved – A content strategy doesn’t just include the articles and posts you publish on your website. It also includes your updates, comments on your posts, interaction with your readers, interaction on social media, etc. You should determine what kind of theme you want to maintain for very piece of content you post online.

-Determine the Story – The next step is to determine your overarching story or goal. What do you want to convey to your target audience through our content? What is your fashion brand’s story and personality?



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The results


Once you know what’s involved and have a story, you can create a proper schedule and a list of topics to publish. Your content marketing will be more effective if you follow strategy.


-Traffic and brand awareness.

-Clients engagement.

-Sells improvements.

-Increment in company’s revenue.


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I’m Luciano Radicce. The last 7 years I have spent in business development, management, marketing for small, mid and big firms, building and using technology in order to increase revenue. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t.  That experience is what WATT Agency shares with fascinating fashion brands.


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