bird & kite

Clean Boheme Clothing. Perth, Australia.

Simplicity meets the rebellious

Bird & Kite

Clean Bohemian Clothing


Working relationship period: July 2015 – Now

Short description : Web design, web development email marketing. This inevitably brought an increase of conversion rate and online revenue, that was constantly measure and seek to be improved.


It’s Everywhere!


A unified wordPress platform and consolidated web presence helped the Bird & Kite team further their goals of brand awareness, revenue and connecting people with product crafted by WATT.


Easy, Fast, and New

As the website is the main sales channels of Bird and Kite, we had the mission of being extra careful with every detail. Every section, image, text, call to action has been strategically planned and executed, to reach the highest conversion rate as possible on the first strike.
Another must-have to achieve a great experience was speed, so we worked using a high-speed hosting and trying to minimise the amount of code, image sizes, requests and plugins.