Our approach to a project is always first understanding your company´s needs, then observing the current status of your multiple online channels to understand where we are  and where we want to be. Once we’re finished analyzing your data and outlining your goals, we craft a strategy based on our research, always emphasizing areas for improvement. WATT’s team of strategists creates inspiring ideas to solve business challenges for our clients.


We do

Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) – SEO – AdWords – Blogging – SEM – Email Marketing – Display – Content Strategy – Content Writing – Photoshoots – Campaign Productions.


Multi-Channel Strategy Brainstorming

We work closely with key stakeholders to understand which are the channels with more leverage for the future of your digital presence by holding strategy workshops. We will explore and determine the key channels for your brand, and more importantly, the purpose and KPI of each channel and how it can best support content development.


Content Strategy & Creation

What is the brand narrative, what are the major and minor story arcs that will help build and communicate this brand to potential and existing customers? We will develop the framework and structure for future content creation considering target segment, key performance indicators, and customer engagement.

Once the strategy has been created, we are able to create all the needed content in-house, from photoshoots, content writing, designing images, video productions and much more.


In-market Activation

We execute and implement custom strategies on several -but most relevant for your brand- online channels. These will increase your brand awareness, drive traffic and conversion on your website.


Continuous Measurement

Nothing more exciting than creating A/B testing and see whats solution is performing better, then generate a few tweaks and keep improving.